La Cafetière Classic 8-Cup Cafetière
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La Cafetière Classic 8-Cup Cafetière
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Make rich, delicious coffee with the La Cafetière “Classic” original French press.

$175.00 $100.00

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The La Cafetière Classic 8-Cup Cafetière is made from top quality stainless steel. The beaker is high quality borosilicate (heat-resistant) glass and the filter and plunger are made from stainless steel. The French press makes a very rich, flavourful cup of coffee. Also, it’s really easy to use. You simply pour the coffee grounds into the beaker, pour the hot water over them, allow the mixture sit for a while, press down the plunger and then serve! We always recommend using a coffee scale to achieve consistency in your brewing. The French press beakers do not have any etched volume markings, so the scale makes the measuring of the water and coffee a whole lot easier.

The Classic 8-Cup Cafetière has a maximum capacity of 1000 ml and so is ideal for brewing two to four 8 oz cups of coffee at a time. A bit too large for your daily needs? Check out our Optima 6-Cup Cafetière or our Classic 4-Cup Cafetière both also made by La Cafetière.

Worried about breakage? Don’t be! Boutik Kafé also stocks replacement beakers for this coffee maker. So there’s absolutely no need to buy a whole new coffee maker if it’s just your beaker that is broken. The other replacement parts that we carry for this cafetière are individual filter gauzes and complete filter sets.

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