Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Grinder
Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Grinder
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An inexpensive, yet highly effective manual coffee grinder.


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Product Description

  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Ideal for travel
  • Super easy to adjust grind settings
  • Perfect for someone on a budget!

A must for anyone who wishes to grind before brewing to fully appreciate their coffee, the Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Grinder is compact, lightweight, easy to maintain and even easier to use. The grinder’s sturdy plastic construction makes it very durable and easy to travel around with.

The Hario Ceramic Slim grinder is fitted with two ceramic burrs, which allow the beans to be crushed uniformly rather than being sliced, which is what the average blade grinder would do. Adjusting the grind size could not be easier, with an adjustable nut mechanism which clicks when turned either way, allowing you to keep track of preferred grind settings.

The Ceramic Slim Coffee Grinder’s holding jar can store up to 22 g of ground coffee, which is sufficient for making two 8 oz cups of coffee. Markings on the holding jar indicate when it has sufficient coffee for one cup and two cups.


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