Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton
Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton
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Its glass holding jar converts to a storage container for your freshly ground coffee!


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Product Description

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Large capacity 100g glass storage jar
  • High quality Hario construction – made in Japan

Packed with several useful features, the Hario Ceramic Mill Skerton coffee grinder is one of the most popular entry-level coffee grinders out there.

The Skerton’s high quality ceramic burrs are long lasting and give a fairly consistent grind. The grinder can be adjusted to handle a large range of grind settings and  performs especially well in the finer range. Why not get that grind setting for your drip coffee maker, french press, or stovetop espresso maker just right? You’ll definitely notice the difference! The average supermarket coffee is only ONE grind size – fine. Ever noticed that? How can that be best when different grind sizes are supposed to be suited to different brewing methods? Using the wrong grind size results in either an over-extracted, bitter brew (if it is too fine), or an under-extracted weak brew (if it is too coarse).

The Hario Ceramic Mill Skerton is easy to dismantle and clean, and comes with silicone lid which prevents beans from jumping out of the bean hopper while you are grinding, as well as with a silicone anti-slip base cover which gives the base incredible stability while grinding.

Perhaps the grinder’s best feature though, is its large capacity storage jar, made from thick, heat resistant glass, and which comes with a separate cover. This glass jar holds up to 100g of ground coffee, making temporary storage after grinding super easy!

The Hario Ceramic Mill Skerton coffee grinder is definitely excellent value for money.


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