Do I Really Need a Coffee Grinder?

28 Feb 2017

The answer to that question just depends on how bothered you are about drinking good coffee. Pre-ground coffee may seem super convenient – you don’t have to spend any money on a coffee grinder and you don’t have that additional step of grinding coffee before brewing. However, you may be surprised to learn that what you’re saving in time and money by using the pre-ground stuff may not really be worth it when you look at what you’re losing in coffee quality!

The roasted coffee bean contains hundreds of aromatic volatile compounds. These give the coffee its characteristic flavour and aroma. However, once these aromatic compounds are exposed to oxygen in the air, they react with it in a process called oxidat...

It’s all about freshness

22 Dec 2015

Do you make a point of eating stale bread on a daily basis? Most probably not. So why would you drink stale coffee regularly? Think of the difference between a stale loaf and one that is freshly baked. The fresh one tastes way better! Well the same holds true for coffee. Most people aren't aware of the key role that freshness - in the sense of roasting freshness - plays in the taste of their coffee. Using fresh coffee is the first step towards brewing an exceptional daily cup.

The sooner you use coffee after roasting (that is, once it has been allowed a few days to de-gas), the better. While many factors affect the rate at which coffee loses its freshness, generally speaking, consuming a specialty coffee within about 2 w...